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Event Security

Alarm/Mobile Response

Stadiums, Concerts & Sports Events


Mobile Patrols, Staff Escorts, ,Secure Transports and Alarm Response



Static Guards


Protecting People, Property & Assets


Security Specialists, Security Audits



Corporate Protection


Executive Protection, Security Surveys, Risk Assessment, 


Security Training Providers

Celebrity Protection





GPS specializes in event security and highly concentrates on recruiting and training employees as per the customer needs. The" Friendly face approach" is an asset for great event security which is one of the approaches used by GPS. If it is sports, exhibitions, concerts, parties and festivals, trained security individuals are required to manage them in order to ensure the events are executed in a smooth manner. GPS employees have experience in working at events and festivals such as G20,IIFA and TIFF. For further details, talk to the GPS specialists.



Mobile Patrols are a cost eff1ective way to have a security presence at your premises, acting as a deterrent without the cost of a full time guard. Through training and familiarity with the sites, GPS Mobile Officers can react quickly to any irregularities.
Maximum benefit can be gained from a service where the GPS Mobile Officer carries clientís keys in a secure environment and conducts an internal after-hours inspection of the site. This ensures that the maintenance of the site is preserved, allowing for identification of situations such as potential fire hazards, unsecured company information and systems and other irregularities.
The patrol officer will immediately contact and notify a company representative of any storm or malicious damage, attempted and/or confirmed break and enter, or vandalism.



When you or your employees need to be accompanied for security reasons, GPS has professionals who will advise and protect you, and any personal belongings that you need to be guarded in transit.

GPSís professional Security Officers will assist you in the lock-up of your premises and then escort your staff off site to their vehicle or nearest public transport. In case you need a transport GPS will provide a secure transport in a company vehicle.



Concierge and Customer service 

  • Ensuring good public relations and maintaining a high standard of quality/courteous service in all dealings with our customer staff, contractors, visitors and the public
  • Ensuring all security personnel exhibit high standards of work performance and conduct 
  • Supervision of all entry and exit to the building and maintaining all related records 
  • Escorting staff and visitors 
  • After hours telephone reception 
  • Managing lost properties 

Liasion with management

  • Resolving, recording and reporting on detected security deficiencies, breaches and incidents 
  • Ensuring that clients are fully and accurately informed of all matters that might impact on the safety and security of their staff and/or properties

Gate Duties 

  • Screening visitors and contractors as necessary. 
  • Providing directions.


  • Mobile and foot patrols of the site deliver peace of mind after hours, but also a reassuring security presence during opening hours.

Emergency Response 

  • Ensuring that in an emergency situation the utmost is done to protect the staff, visitors, building, etc by following pre-defined emergency response procedures 
  • Responding with first aid  for medical emergencies
  • Responding in all emergency situations including fire, emergency evacuation, medical emergency, bomb threat, VIP visits and rallies
  • Liaising with police and stakeholders

Building maintenance 

  • Conducting audits and daily reconciliations of keys and passes 
  • Equipment installation and maintenance 
  • Asset protection
  • Assisting with general cleanliness and reporting graffiti

Systems management 

  • Working closely with clients to identify any cost saving and service improvement opportunities 
  • Operating and monitoring security, video, access control, building management, fire and related systems
  • Operating PC-based equipment, including the issue of approved electronic cards for access and identification purposes 




Independent, experienced, and informed advice from qualified security professionals is a critical part of the decision making process for consumers of the security industry’s products and services. GPS’s highly motivated consultants can guide you through the procedures and provide you with a complete security plan. Any information you need, will be provided in no time.
Security Awareness Training
GPS professionals also Train your staff on the essential aspects of security, with tailor-made courses, developed by our Protective Services team, after a risk analysis of your site and a brief on specific site issues. 



The GPS Executive Protection Unit are a group of highly trained and motivated professionals, chosen for their specialist skills in the demanding field of executive security. Our professionals conduct security surveys and create a detailed risk assessment report. A comprehensive report is presented, detailing the results of the enquiry and recommendations to address future problems.



GPS provides Ministry Approved Training Certification to take the test for Security Guard Licensing.  GPS also provides FIRST AID/CPR training certification that is required for work place, home, personal safety and education. Our highly trained professionals are registered Red Cross instructors, and their vast educational background is complimented by their experience in the security industry.

For more information on training, rates and schedules please contact us with your query and one of our team members will contact you with the details.



We provide fully equipped uniformed officers as well as plain clothes officers. GPS’s highly trained officers are well informed of the techniques of celebrity management and protection. Our officers are one of the best trained professionals in this industry.

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